Since 2010, the Mental Health Research Network (MHRN) has sought to improve population mental health and the delivery of mental health care.  With 14 member research centers and partner health systems, the MHRN has the ability to carry out population-based mental health research with unprecedented scale and efficiency. We accomplish this by:

  • Leveraging the unique assets of our network and those within the broader  Health Care Systems Research Network
  • Research centers embedded within health care systems that serve over 20 million patients in 16 states across the U.S.
  • Funded by NIMH through a U19 collaborative agreement, NIMH staff are an integral part of the network guiding research priorities
  • Fostering research collaboration both within and outside of our network
  • Disseminating information about the research interests, resources and capabilities of our members
  • Sharing methodologies, best practices, and consultative expertise of members across research centers as well nationally

Who are MHRN members?

The MHRN is made up of research scientists and staff at research departments embedded within large, comprehensive health care delivery systems, dedicated to public domain mental health research.  The health care delivery systems represent diverse structures, and typically include an integrated delivery system, the ability to define patient populations, and access to electronic medical and administrative records. Member research centers include:

Many of our MHRN research centers also participate in the broader Health Care Systems Research Network, a national consortium of research centers based in large health systems.