MHRN III Infrastructure: Administrative Core

Grant Details

Funder: NIMH

Grant Number: U19MH121738

Grant Period: 09/23/2019 – 06/30/2020

  • Narrative:​ Practice-based research has the potential to dramatically improve the speed, efficiency, relevance, and impact of mental health clinical and services research.  Mental Health Research Network (MHRN) III will include 14 research centers embedded in health systems serving a combined population of over 25 million patients in 16 states.  MHRN infrastructure will be enhanced to support a next-generation practice-based network, including:
    • Increased engagement of patients, health system leaders, and other stakeholders in network governance
    • An expanded public, open-source library of software tools and other technical resources
    • More formal processes for conducting feasibility pilot projects and rapid response to stakeholder queries
    • Expanded outreach to external stakeholders and research partners
  • Lead Site: KPWHRI
    • Overall PI: Greg Simon
  • Participating Sites/Subcontractors:
    • Baylor Scott & White – Site PI: Katherine Sanchez
    • Cornell University – Site PI: Jyotishman Pathak
    • Essentia Institute of Rural Health – Site PI: Stephen Waring
    • Georgia State University – Site PI: Ashli Owen-Smith
    • Harvard Pilgrim – Site PI: Christine Lu
    • HealthPartners – Site PI: Rebecca Rossom
    • Henry Ford Health System – Site PI Brian Ahmedani
    • KP Colorado – Site PI: Arne Beck
    • KP Georgia – Site PI Courtney McCracken
    • KP Hawaii – Site PI: Yihe Daida
    • KP Northern California – Site PI: Stacy Sterling
    • KP Northwest – Site PI: Frances Lynch
    • KP Southern California – Site PI: Karen Coleman
    • PalAlto Medical Foundation – Site PI: Ellis Dillon
  • Funder Contacts
    • Science Officer: Susan Azrin
    • Program Official: Michael Freed
    • Grants Management Official: Jackie Chia
  • Awarded Budget (Total Cost)
    • Year 1: $2,220,745
    • Year 2: $2,052,966
    • Year 3: $2,035,335
    • Year 4: $2,000,066
    • Year 5: $1,967,876

Documents & Reports

  • IRB Review
    • KPWA IRBnet file: [ 1475733 ]
    • KPWA IRB is single IRB reviewing for BSWH, HPHC, HPI, KPNC, KPNW, and KPSC.
    • EIRH, HFHS, KPCO, (KPGA?), KPHI, and PAMF IRB determination that work is exempt.
    • GSU and UW IRB determination that work is research not involving human subjects.

Personnel Contact List

Funded feasibility pilot projects