MRHN III Supplemental Project: Effect of Initiating Buprenorphine on Suicidal Behavior

Grant Details

Title: Buprenorphine Effect on Suicidal Behavior

Funder: NIMH

Grant Number: U19MH121738-02S2  (supplement to main MHRN cooperative agreement)

Grant Period: 9/17/2020 – 8/31/2022

Narrative: This large observational study will evaluate the effects of initiating buprenorphine treatment on subsequent suicidal behavior among people with opioid use disorder, including those with and without co-occurring mental health conditions or other known risk factors for suicidal behavior. We will use comprehensive health records data from four large health systems serving a combined member/patient population of approximately 11 million. Analyses will examine the overall effect of buprenorphine treatment on subsequent suicide attempts or death, heterogeneity of effects in patient subgroups, and specificity of effects to buprenorphine vs other medications.

We will be using previously developed suicide risk prediction tools to compare the outcomes of individuals who do and do not use buprenorphine with similar baseline suicide risk.

  • Lead Site: KPWA
    • Overall PI: Greg Simon
  • Participating Sites/Subcontractors:
    • KPNC – Site PI: Cynthia Campbell
    • KPSC – Site PI: Rulin Hechter
    • Henry Ford – Site PI: Brian Ahmedani
  • Funder Contacts:
    • Science Officer: Susan Azrin
    • Program Official: Michael Freed
    • Grants Management Official: Julie Bergerud
  • Awarded Budget (Total Cost):
    • Year 1: $514,616
    • Year 2: $274,321


Funding Announcement: PA-18-591

Notice of Award

Personnel Contact List

Human Subjects: YES

  • IRB Review:
    • KPWA is single IRB reviewing for KPWA, KPNC, and KPSC – Approved waiver of consent for use of records data
    • Henry Ford determined to be exempt
    • KPWA IRBnet File: [1649129]

Clinical Trial: NO

Current status

Exploratory analyses (in preparation for extraction of data at each site) have examined availability and quality of data regarding opioid medication use, availability and quality of data regarding injury and poisoning events, and types of visits occurring prior to initial buprenorphine prescriptions.  These analyses are informing refinements to research design and data specifications.  Final data extraction will occur during in October 2022 with analyses complete in early 2023.

Summary of findings

Not yet available