Leadership & Organization

MHRN is a consortium of research centers affiliated with large comprehensive healthcare systems.  The network is governed as a cooperative agreement with NIMH.  

Administrative Core

The MHRN Administrative Core supports all network activities, including infrastructure, projects supported by the core MHRN cooperative agreement, ongoing affiliated research projects, and new research projects developed by MHRN and affiliated investigators.  The Administrative Core is based at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute and is led by Gregory Simon, the overall network principal investigator.

Methods Core

The MHRN Methods Core supports both optimal use of existing methods across all network research and infrastructure activities as well as development of new methods necessary to address high-priority public health questions.  The Methods Core is based at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute.  Specific components include:

  • Informatics Unit – responsible for maintenance and improvement of network data infrastructure as well as dissemination of network-developed informatics resources.  This unit supports all MHRN research projects, including projects funded by the core MHRN cooperative agreement and affiliated projects led by MHRN investigators.  The Informatics Unit is led by Gregory Simon and Christine Stewart.
  • Scientific Analysis Unit – responsible for improving the methodologic rigor of network projects and the development of innovative analytic methods driven by stakeholder needs.  This unit provides consultation to MHRN research projects and develops new methods to enable future MHRN research.  The Informatics Unit is led by Susan Shortreed and Patrick Heagerty.

Steering Committee

The MHRN Steering Committee oversees all MHRN infrastructure and research, with direct oversight for infrastructure and projects funded by the core MHRN cooperative agreement.  Voting members include the lead investigator from each member research center, the principal investigator of each research project funded by the core MHRN cooperative agreement, collaborating scientists from NIMH and patient/consumer stakeholder representatives.  Current members include:

  • Brian Ahmedani, Henry Ford Health System, Site PI
  • Susan Azrin, NIMH Project Scientist
  • Arne Beck, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Site PI, and Signature Project 1 Lead
  • Andrew Bradlyn, Kaiser Permanente Georgia, Site PI
  • Karen Coleman, Kaiser Permanente Southern California, Site PI
  • Yihe Daida, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, Site PI and Pilot Project 2 Lead
  • Ellis Dillon, Sutter Health Research, Site PI
  • Christine Lu, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, Site PI
  • Frances Lynch, Kaiser Permanente Northwest, Site PI
  • Ashli Owen-Smith, Georgia State University, Site PI
  • Jyotishman Pathak, Weill Cornell Medicine, Site PI
  • Rebecca Rossom, HealthPartners Institute, Site PI
  • Katherine Sanchez, Baylor Scott & White Healthcare, Site PI
  • Gregory Simon, Overall PI, Signature Project 2 Lead
  • Stacy Sterling, Kaiser Permanente Northern California, Site PI
  • Stephen Waring, Essentia Institute of Rural Health, Site PI
  • Bobbi Jo Yarborough, Pilot Project 2 Lead